Stalking hunting at La Raña de Valdeazores

La Raña de Valdeazores has been changing gradually the way of hunting along these last years.

From hunting through monteria, the traditional form of hunting in Spain and also in this region,  to give a bigger protagonist to hunt in the form of stalking. We are focusing the property to obtain a bigger number of trophies, and that requires various actions.

First, improving the portion and quality of the food. In this task we count with the help of the production of grain, of our plains which are complemented with the appropriate minerals for the best development of our trophys.

In second place, the introduction of new blood which helps to maintain the necessary genetic diversity of the population.

And finally, in this type game you can select the age at which you hunt the animals.

In conclusion, develop a game with a much more selective character than the original ‘monterias’ hunting system.

Deer stalking Valdeazores-Venado

Wild boar Valdeazores-Jabali

Roe deer stalking Valdeazores-Corzo

Bowhunting Valdeazores-arco-home